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About  JCDecaux UZ Group of Companies

In 1964, Jean-Claude Decaux invented advertising street furniture. JCDecaux designs, installs and maintains a range of free or low-cost services for the benefit of cities, residents and travellers, including bus shelters, self-service bicycle schemes, passenger information panels and mobile charging terminals. These services are financed by advertisements that are located in busy thoroughfares, offering brands maximum visibility.

JCDecaux has stable funds for further growth. 
JCDecaux continues to invest in new technologies and new services to meet citizens, tourists and passengers' evolving needs, while providing the latest solutions to advertisers. 

Now the global industry leader, JCDecaux has gained worldwide recognition in the field of urban equipment as a Company with the required know-how and experience in the field of urban planning and landscaping. Every day, JCDecaux reaches more than 410 million people on the planet.

More than 80countries
1,074,113advertising panels
€3,472m2017 revenue

JCDecaux operates in three main areas of the outdoor advertising industry. 

JCDecaux values

The Company considers the values formed over the years to be the key point in its success.


Constant research and improvement of our services has allowed us to create a powerful and recognized image of "enterprise culture", which is maintained within the group;


The group of companies benefits from and respects the full confidence of clients, partners and local authorities;


Transparency in our reports to local authorities, on the securities market and for our employees, respect for competition rules, work with reliable and true information, clear and fair relations with our partners, all these are fundamental elements that allow the group to develop and prosper successfully.

History in Uzbekistan

Tashkent International Business Center has been operating in the market of outdoor advertising in Tashkent since 1994.
Being one of the founders of the outdoor advertising market in Tashkent, the Business Center was actively working to attract foreign investors to the market. In 2007, on the initiative of the Business Center, a delegation of JCDecaux visited Tashkent. Contract for the development of outdoor furniture was signed between the JCDecaux Company and the Khokimiyat of Tashkent city: i.e., installation of modern bus stops and advertising structures in Tashkent city.

Khokimiyat of Tashkent city has committed to provide the right to install and continue the operation of bus stops in the city, the JCDecaux Company has committed itself at its own expense to install bus stops in the city, identical to those established in Paris, New York and Brussels as well as to ensure their repair, maintenance and operation, including payment for electricity. 
 During the negotiations, it was decided to establish Joint Venture “JCDecaux UZ”. At the first stage, 30 bus stops have been imported and installed in the city. In September 2007, the Grand opening of the Joint Venture took place in the presence of French delegation under the leadership of the Director-General of JCDecaux, Jean-Francois Decaux (Jean-Francois Decaux).   

In accordance with the contract, 200 modern stop complexes have been installed in Tashkent city.  JCDecaux UZ is committed to the historical values of JCDecaux in social orientation of development.

Presence on the Uzbek market

JCDecaux UZ represents more than 5 500 sq.m. of advertising media space.

  • It is the only international operator of outdoor advertising in Uzbekistan.
  • It is the main operator of outdoor advertising of outdoor furniture.
  • It is the only operator in Uzbekistan that has the opportunity to place your advertising in over 80 countries.
  • It is more than 120 clients in a year.

The Company's team has all the necessary resources in the work of the Advertising Agency and provides a professional approach at the level of JCDecaux.